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Cocteau Twins’ ‘Milk & Kisses’ Turns 25

Happy 25th Anniversary to Cocteau Twins’ eighth and final studio album Milk & Kisses, originally released in the UK March 13, 1996. At the risk of stating the blatantly obvious, few bands have achieved as much crystalline beauty through sound as the enigmatic Cocteau Twins did during their eighteen-year career. Across their eight studio albums, and nearly two dozen EPs and compilations, the Scottish trio of Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie, and Simon Raymonde proved masters of daydream-conjuring, goosebump-inducing songs that lodge themselves in your heart, mind, and soul for a lifetime. Indeed, their exalted, uniquely addictive brand of ethereal dream-pop produced some of the most spellbinding compositions heard during the 20th century’s final two decades… read more >

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