Colonel Wilma Deering, Twiki, and Dr. Theopolis in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Wilma Deering is a fictional character who has appeared in many media adaptations of Buck Rogers over the years, and was most notably portrayed by Erin Gray in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV series. Wilma Deering has remained consistent throughout all of Buck Rogers’ incarnations. She is a romantic interest for Buck at times, a steadfast guardian of Earth, and an attractive and intelligent woman. She is generally portrayed as having a fiery personality and a proclivity for getting herself into mischief. She, like other science fantasy lead characters from the pulp sf genre and others, has been portrayed as a damsel in distress at times, but mostly as a forceful adventurer within her own right. In this way, her character is similar to Dale Arden from the Flash Gordon comic books and film series.

Twiki (pronounced twee-kee) is a robot sometimes referred to as an “ambuquad,” which refers to a specialized series of robots made for work in space mines, and used as Ambulatory Transportation for their QuAd superiors / partners. The face on his chest is Dr. Theopolis, or Theo for short, that was an intelligent computer who was part of Earth’s Computer Council. He was assigned with the process of assimilating Captain William “Buck” Rogers when he first arrived on Earth after having been in suspended animation. Twiki was played by beloved actor and stuntman, Felix Silla, who is also known for his work as an Ewok and Cousin Itt in the Adam’s Family, among many other amazing roles. Twiki was voiced by infamous voice man, Mel Blanc. H/T>

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