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Dad Decided to Take Up Playing The Harp

The harp is one of the oldest stringed instruments. From its origins, the harp was a sacred instrument that allowed priests and priestesses to communicate with the gods. In tombs in Mesopotamia there is evidence of harps in the 5th century BC. It then had between 5 and 7 strings. The number of harps that were discovered in Mesopotamia was minuscule compared to the numerous harps represented in Egypt. The harp was represented on paintings adorning Theban tombs, stelae, statues of musicians and objects of everyday life… read more >

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Woodshock 1985

Before it became “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas was home to an alternative music festival known as Woodshock. A quip on

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Fast AF

Because driver comfort is overrated, but ripping across the lake at ungodly speeds isn’t #dragboat #detroit #boatracing #lake #bigengines #bighorsepower Tom Beatty Automotive Engineering 1951

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