“Dandy” Dick Landy’s A/FX Dodge Coronet 1965 Mopar Drag Team Photos!

Few drag racers in Mopar history are of the stature of “Dandy” Dick Landy. In addition to an endless line of Super Stocker, Pro Stockers and Hemi performance revolution, Landy’s Automotive Research shop helped make the Hemi the engine of choice for decades on the street and strip. Landy’s Dodges were, arguably, some of the highest profile Mopars of the time and the ’65 Coronet was a pivotal transition in the evolution into the funny car. Posters of that car were found in speed shops, home garages and boy’s bedrooms all over the United States and Canada. Landy’s racing prowess at SoCal drag strips like Riverside, Lions, Irwindale, Pomona, San Fernando, Fontana and later at Ontario and Orange County International Raceway would solidify his place in drag racing history… read more >

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