When the average Joe thinks about American classics, he may envision a Mustang or a Camaro – a Chevrolet Vega doesn’t lead the way. He might even favor Bel Airs or Impalas. The chances of him saying, “Why, yes, the Chevy Vega is my favorite car,” isn’t normal. However, for those few enthusiasts who take pride in embracing the uncommon, taking something small and making it magnificent is what they do best. Enter David Carroll, head of Norcal Garage.

David is no stranger to building cars that fall on the gnarly side of the spectrum. Readers may be familiar with his LS-swapped Datsun 280z. He is a regular winner in Goodguys AutoCross competitions and has held his own in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. He’s a fan of aggressive stance, performance capability, proven parts, and obviously, uniqueness. The widebody 1973 Chevrolet Vega featured here is the product of David’s latest automotive effort via Norcal Garage. The little car was acquired about a year ago, after David found it listed for sale over 1,100 miles away in Laramie, Wyoming. After deciding to purchase the car without seeing it in person (and without his wife knowing), he welcomed it to its new home about a week later… read more >


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