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Dawn Patrol

There are several reasons why surfing in the morning is generally a wise and fruitful option. Not only are the wave and wind conditions better, but you’ll also find fewer surfers hassling for the same scarce resources as part of the dawn patrol. In theory, waking up early for a supersession is a good move, but from a practical perspective, it is never easy or even doable. Whether you start working at 9 am, or you’ve just had a long Friday night at the disco, getting out of bed at 6 or 7 am might not always be feasible.

And when wintertime comes, how do you convince your brain to leave the warm sheets of your comfy bed for a cold air and water surfing experience. The question is: how can you prepare your body – physically and mentally – for an early morning surf? Is it possible to train your mind to accept the challenge? Sure. Just think of the epic, memorable, and uncrowded waves that will encounter at dawn as the first rays of sun touch the glassy seawater… read more >

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