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death is your ultimate savior

What is life without death? If we were to be given the gift of infinity we would all be stagnant amoeba floating through the cosmos without care nor consideration. A finite timeline applies pressure to our inner genome to do things now because we aren’t forever. The beauty of this cycle is what makes man-kind what is it today. It is what makes every living thing what it is today. So do not look back in anger, or forward with doubt. Embrace every second that surges through the tips of your toes and feel invigorated by this gift. Know that your death is your ultimate savior… read more >

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Life Light

There’s just something about lanterns that are so much cooler than their modern, battery-powered replacements… R.E. Dietz Lantern Company Blizzard Lantern 1840 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Betty and Veronica

Possibly out of context. Possibly. #ComicArt #ChampagneRoom #ComicBookArt #Archie #screw #Psyne #PsyneCo #VintageStyle #TShirt #VintageTShirt #VintageFashion Screw Magazine 1968 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Do a Bump

Well, according to statistics, 2% of the American population is on cocaine, so I’m sure one of them driving by is all “don’t mind if

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tequila run

Ever road trip into Mexico just to get your favorite tequila? Mordedura de Serpiente 1947 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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