Death of the Dyna

Harley-Davidson quietly killed off the famous Dyna product line for 2018 without so much as an official announcement, simply merging its Dyna products into the new Softail platform. But the “performance” Big-Twin-powered Dyna, with its signature rubber-mounted engine and twin rear shocks, had a huge following among Harley riders both young and old, so we are commemorating the popular model in this Motorcycle History piece.

The Dyna, having long held its place as the “middle child” in Harley-Davidson’s lineup, never had a big place in the spotlight during its 27-year production run. Dynas were the lowest-end Harley-Davidsons that carried the Big Twin motor, so more attention (from both the company and its fans) was always heaped on higher-end models like Harley’s top-of-the-line Touring models, or its more expensive “simulated hardtail” model, the Softail… read more >

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