Death of the Movie Soundtrack

Do you remember the good old days of cross-pollinated film soundtracks? Days when the soundtracks were an essential part of a film’s identity and not just a musical afterthought? The art of storytelling has dramatically evolved since the advent of cinema. The tales on celluloid aren’t just visual narratives; they have always been a harmonious blend of the visual and auditory. Music has forever been integral to this experience, adding layers of emotion, context, and depth. It’s the background score and those indelible tracks that often etch scenes into our memories. Recall the great movie soundtracks of the 80s and 90s; a wave of nostalgia will wash over you. They didn’t just accompany movies; they ‘elevated’ them… read more >

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Even though my first cars were all American and spanned the muscle car spectrum, at one point I decided that I needed a ‘serious car’

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