Defining The Legend: Setting the record straight about Monfort of Colorado Trucking

The word “legend” shouldn’t be tagged on just anything and anyone. Legends are earned.

Some of the legendary truckers that have been written about over the years didn’t consider themselves a legend—they were just taking care of business as they knew it. So it was with Monfort. All this Colorado-based company was doing was transporting meat to the East Coast in a timely manner. So, let’s take a look at the Monfort legend.

Much has been written about Monfort Packing Co., in Greeley, Colo., and its trucking operation. Along the way, some inaccurate information has been disseminated. The purpose of this article—the result of much research as well as an interview with a former Monfort driver—is to clear the fog surrounding the Monfort of Colorado trucking operation… read more >

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