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Deno’s 6 & 85: The Oldest Truck Stop In Colorado Closes

Curtis Perry has uploaded another trove of pictures from his travels in the West a few years back. This one caught my eye, for obvious reasons. Deno’s is in Denver, Colorado, and the 6 & 85 undoubtedly referred to the old two-lane highways this truck stop once served after it was built in 1947, which makes it the oldest truck stop in the state. I was intrigued enough to Google a bit, and found out that the timing of this post is a bit auspicious, as Deno’s finally closed in almost exactly a month ago. Based on the picture of the inside, it’s very vintage indeed. Actually, it appears Deno’s closed once before in about 2000, and the re-opened. But this time it appears to be permanent… read more and view more pics >

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