Do you remember Sir Grapefellow Cereal?

Like most ’70s cereals, the prize in the box was usually better than the actual cereal, and Sir Grapefellow was no exception.

Sir Grapefellow was a short-lived creation by General Mills back in 1972. Its mascot was a dashing World War I era pilot, and the cereal itself was a delightful grape-flavored oat cereal, complete with grape marshmallows. What intrigued me even more was that Sir Grapefellow had a nemesis named Baron von Redberry, who had his own cereal. While I’m sure Redberry would have been enjoyable, it was the grape-flavored cereal that captured my imagination.

When it first hit the market, they offered a bunch of cool premiums both inside the boxes and as giveaways. Some lucky kids could find a balloon-powered air car toy right in the box, which sounds like so much fun! Additionally, there were patches you could collect as well…. read more >

Sir Grapefellow 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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