Documenting the fascinating tales behind people’s fading tattoos

From prison tattoos done with electric fans to ex-lover cover-ups, Montreal Vintage Tattoos captures the body art that’s just getting better with age. Elizabeth Maltais is always on the lookout for an old tattoo with a good story. Wherever she goes, she keeps an eye out for designs that look faded with age. “You know, as soon as you become interested in something, you start seeing it everywhere?” says Maltais. “That’s what happened.” A year ago, she started posting her finds on Instagram, under the handle Montreal Vintage Tattoos. As her account grew, Maltais followers started submitting their own body art – all with a story to tell. Karl got his tattoos in prison by fastening a guitar string to an electric fan. Bob, a cashier Maltais met while shopping, poked his own name onto his forearm at 15. Bonnie, meanwhile, picked up a machine pen 20 years ago and tattooed her husband’s arms to commemorate the birth of their children… read more >

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