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Dodge Mirada SRT-8

The Dodge Mirada is peak malaise era, but this unique 1983 Mirada CMX was built by John Morawski for his friend Jim Smith. Jim had always wanted a Mirada similar to the one his Father owned, however he needed something more powerful than the factory 90 horsepower Slant-6. John’s solution was to buy a salvaged 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8 and swap the 6.1 L HEMI V8 and the automatic transmission, suspension, interior, and anything else he could. The Charger’s wheelbase needed to be shortened 7.3 inches and the track narrowed 3 inches. Bangshift reports John has 2,083 man-hours into the car, which does not include paint/body and interior completed by separate companies… read more >

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