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Dog is my copilot

On his way home from work one day, 1970s motorcycle racer John McCown had a sudden urge to stop by the local animal shelter to obtain a dog. Little did McCown know how the impromptu detour would shape his life. At the shelter, he perused the available canines, and a homely brown-and-white mongrel stood out from the rest. “I’ll take that one,” he told the shelter officer. “Why that one?” asked the officer. “He’s the ugliest dog here,” answered McCown. “No one wants that kookie-looking mutt.” And just like that, McCown had a dog and the dog had a name… read the full article at Iron & Air Magazine >


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Wet hot Summer back in 1974

Remember when Playboy was a thing? #Playboy #VintageMagazine #Coke #wettshirtcontest #Summer #Classic #Magazine #70s #1974 Lusty Lady Seattle 1977 Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

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Because I was inverted

Commander Heatherly (“Jester”): Now you’ll also be trained and evaluated by a few civilian specialists. The civilians are here because they are our very best source

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