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Drag Vans

I only recently came across this one – Drag vans by Ohio Art. This sweet race set came out in 1976 and had to be a blast to play with! The set came out in 1976 and included a two-lane drag strip with Hurst shifter launchers and two bitchin’ vans with race chutes. They appear to have been gyro powered and presumably were wound up by cranking on the Hurst shifter to get the van’s weighted gyro wheel spinning and then sent down the drag strip at which point the chute would deploy and slow them down. The ad had me thinking that these were small, but from the eBay listings I came across, the vans were actually like 4″ long. Bitchin’ 🤩

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The best part about Boris Vallejo’s Daydream is that even in this guy’s fantasy, he still has a comb-over 😅 #BorisVallejo #FantasyArt #Daydream #Combover #1984

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Lift off!

Back in the day before nostalgia drag racing was a thing we were just drag racing. #DragRacing #hurst #sendit #quartermile #racing #vintage Hemi Under Glass

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