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Dragon Spirit sequel Dragon Saber takes flight on the Arcade Archives

We’re looking to the skies once again, retro gaming fans, as Hamster has released another sky-blasting shmup to its ever-expanding Arcade Archives range. It’s Namco sequel Dragon Saber, now available to download on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Released into arcades in 1990, Dragon Saber is the follow-up to 1987’s fantasy-themed blaster Dragon Spirit, and once again sees dragon-riding heroes take to the skies to battle armies of strange, invading creatures. As Huey and Siria, one or two players can jump into all-new simultaneous co-op action, which should give you a bit of balance against the hundreds of enemies and end-of-level guardians. In addition, Dragon Saber features a selection of new power-ups, along with a continuation of the game’s lore, which was something of a novelty in the shmup genre at the time… read more >

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