Dragon Wars: The Ultimate Role Playing Adventure

Dragon Wars for Commodore 64/128 came on 5.25″ floppies with instruction manual, clue book, reference card, Boris Vallejo cover art poster, and a few other inserts.

I remember when I first heard of Dragon Wars. It must’ve been in the year it was released or the year after. A friend of mine and I were pooling money to get some games. (At the local shop you could get one free game if you bought four or something like that, so it was a common practice for us.) He was the one who wanted the game, yet all he knew was that it was a fantasy RPG. At that point we had some history of playing pen and paper RPGs, and being both fans of fantasy literature, we were predisposed to like the game. Yet, with our (always) limited funds, it was a leap of faith… which we never regretted.

The story of Dragon Wars is set in the world of Oceana, located in the orbit of the star Sirius. For years, the heat of the star has been melting Oceana’s polar ice caps, turning it into a world with 85% water and becoming wetter with each passing year. In that world of islands the biggest of all is Dilmun, a place where many inhabitants of other areas wish to go, either as pilgrims or adventurers, and plenty of ships sail towards it…. read more>

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