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Ever since the 1970s, a new type of bicycle appeared on the market, spreading across the popular culture like a storm and providing millions of people around the world (mostly younger bicycle drivers) an opportunity to drive their bicycles in a brand new way. These were BMX (short for “bicycle motocross”), bicycles that were created in the early 1970s as a cheap and easy alternative to motocross, a popular sport that gave idea to the cyclist of Southern California to mod their own bicycles and creates light and versatile bicycles that could easily be used both in urban and dirt track environments. Their modding exploits were focused on the lightweight and rugged Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle model, which was enhanced with better springs and stronger tires. These early BMX bikes were able to be driven fast across motocross terrains and purpose-built tracks, perform tricks and were a focus of attention of the Californian young adult audience that found those bikes a great alternative to the expensive motocross motorcycles.

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