Drug Dealers Are Dorks: 12 Most Bizarre Anti-Drug PSAs of the 1980s

The advent of crack cocaine in 1980s America became such a public health concern, the crack epidemic became a household phrase. Part of why this drug and its swelling use – by lots of young people, too – was so scary, is because society understood so little about the specifics of its dangers. In 1986, Ronald and Nancy Reagan addressed the crack epidemic and the violence it triggered, gave their first “Just say no” speech, and the War on Drugs was underway.

As a response, the decade spawned an array of anti-drug public service announcements. Some, however earnest and true to its origins, got a little too creative, hired a strange spokesperson or were so hardcore that they missed the mark entirely. From hypocritical celebrity ambassadors like Corey Feldman to a woman snorting sports cars, here are the most ludicrous PSAs the drug-addled decade offered… read more >

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