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Dungeons & Dragons: Here’s How the ’80s Cartoon Was SUPPOSED to End

Since production stopped on Dungeons & Dragons before the finale, a script reading is the only way to learn the fate of the show’s protagonists.

Dungeons and Dragons has been the most popular tabletop role-playing game for the better part of five decades, but for three years, it was also an animated television series. Dungeons and Dragons, co-produced by Marvel, ran for 27 episodes on CBS between 1983 and 1985, but the show was canceled before its final episode could be completed. The script for that finale, “Requiem”, is available online and has been recorded radio play-style so that fans of the ’80s cartoon can have some closure.

The series follows six children who are transported to the realm of D&D via a portal in an amusement park ride. They navigate a series of adventures with the guidance of the Dungeon Master, in hopes of returning home. From there, each of the characters is assigned a role. There’s Bobby the Barbarian, Presto the Magician, Sheila the Thief and Diana the Acrobat. However, most of the plot centers on the power struggle between the group’s two oldest members, de facto leader, Hank the Ranger, and Eric the Cavalier, both 15… read more >

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