Earl Scheib Paint and Body

Founded by Earl Scheib (February 28, 1908 – February 29, 1992) in Los Angeles in 1937, the company grew quickly following World War II and by 1975 had branches in Germany and England, all company-owned, with Scheib manufacturing his own paint through a wholly owned subsidiary.

Born in San Francisco on February 28, 1908, Earl moved to Southern California with his family when he was 10. A graduate of Los Angeles High School, Earl never went to college. Instead, he got a job as a gas station attendant changing oil and tires for General Petroleum Co. in the late 1920s. Not long after, he went into business with his own gas station on the corner of Whitworth and Fairfax. His neighbors soon began asking if he knew anyone who could paint their cars. So, each night, after closing time, Earl would paint cars in the station’s lube garage.

It didn’t take long for word of Earl’s painting service to spread, and soon there was more paint business than the station could handle. As a result, he sold his station, rented a “shack” on the corner of Pico and La Brea (Los Angeles), and in 1937 opened the first Earl Scheib Paint and Body. His philosophy was “work hard, be on time, and don’t worry about how much you make.” It was a belief that underscored the way he ran his business.

Earl Scheib’s paint-coating systems were used by its company-owned paint and collision repair shops. The paint also was sold to original equipment manufacturers and architectural construction firms… read more >

Earl Scheib Albuquerque 1937 Vintage Men’s Hoodie

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