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Erasing Ballard’s Totem House

By ‘extensive remodel’ they mean taking everything cool and historic about Totem House and erasing it.

After 10 years at the iconic Totem House in Ballard, Red Mill Burgers has closed up shop to clear the way for Pagliacci Pizza.

Red Mill announced the closure on social media, saying their 10-year lease was up this year. “We loved running the Totem House these last ten years,” Red Mill shared on social channels. “We want to wish Pagliacci Pizza the best as they take over this unique location.”

Pagliacci owner Matt Galvin tells My Ballard that they’re planning on an “extensive remodel” of the existing Totem House. He says they’ll be adding more square footage for expanded dining, plus an improved workspace for Pagliacci employees.

Galvin’s other Ballard location in Crown Hill (851 NW 85th St) was just renovated, and he says that the added location in Shilshole will be great with all the summer traffic in Ballard. Read more >

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