Ever Wonder How Many Variations Of The Plymouth Duster There Were? Here’s A Hint: A Lot

The Plymouth Duster was one of Chrysler’s better hits for the 1970s. Once it was known that the Barracuda nameplate was moving to the E-body platform, Chrysler realized that there wasn’t a sporty body in the A-body lineup anymore. In a hurry to get a new car going on the absolute cheap, Chrysler allocated $15 million for a new body design, one that had most of a Plymouth Valiant, and it had to be ready to sell by 1970. To say they knocked the design out of the park is an understatement: the car went from sketch to product in just over six weeks and went on to be one of Chrysler’s bestsellers. You know some of the models, but do you know how many models of Duster were made? Here’s how it breaks down… read more >

Plymouth Duster Coming Through 1970 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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