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Every second with her is an adventure

Her playful nature infiltrates every move, a deluge of delight. She works only in binaries, a walking paradox. She is determined to wonder the house aimlessly. She worries about her carelessness. She takes her mischievousness seriously. Something grabs her attention, keeping her unwavering focus for a mere moment, and then she moves to the next task. Every second with her is an adventure, for she cannot abide melancholy… read more >

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Skate or Die

While the saying is ‘skate or die,’ ‘skate and die’ might be the better fit here. Aggro Zone 1983 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Nothing better than hitting the road with your crew and cruising the Pacific Coast Highway… keep on truckin’ 😎🤙 First National Truck-in Colorado 1973 Vintage

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Regal Reptile Ranch

This unique photo is of the popular tourist business, “Regal Reptile Ranch, Erick, Oklahoma” on Route 66. This image is of E. Mike Allred, of

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Nun’s Day Off

I hope all the nuns out there are enjoying themselves on their one-day off! King of Glory, King of Peace 1633 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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