During the ’80s, Rankin/Bass struck gold when it unleashed the ThunderCats on an unsuspecting generation of cartoon lovers. The company tried to replicate that success with SilverHawks, which wasn’t quite as popular. But in 1987, Rankin/Bass went back to the well one more time to recapture that lightning in a bottle…

Unfortunately, the TigerSharks just couldn’t live up to their famous cousins. In SYFY WIRE’s latest Everything You Didn’t Know video, we’re taking a deep dive back into the world of Water-O for all of the details about TigerSharks that have long since been forgotten. But first, we’ll test your sanity with an extended look back at The Comic Strip. Unlike its predecessors, TigerSharks had to share a TV slot with the likes of Street Frogs, The Mini-Monsters, and Karate Kat. It’s truly the animated lineup of the damned… read more >

TigerSharks 1987 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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