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Excitement meets bittersweet for final Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle

The past will meet the future on Belle Isle early next month when the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix hosts its final running of the event on the island from June 3-5.

The race isn’t going far — it’s scheduled to return to the streets of downtown Detroit, on which it was first run in 1982 as a Formula One race — but for those who’ve worked on the race since 2007 (as well as putting more than $13.5 million in resources into the island), Wednesday’s announcement about how the final year brought some mixed emotions.

“Definitely a little bittersweet, but we’re looking forward to that last race on Belle Isle before we move downtown,” said Michael Montri, president of the Grand Prix. “We want people to reflect on the great times they’ve had on Belle Isle as part of the Grand Prix and celebrate as a community as we move from Belle Isle to downtown.” Read more >

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