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Flea Market Montgomery

Flea Market Montgomery was a furniture flea market store in Montgomery, Alabama. Despite their unfortunate closure in 2009, the store created unarguably one of the most famous (local) television adverts in history. This video was filmed in 2006, and almost instantly became a viral hit across the internet. The song is cursed, in such a good way. It’s actually very catchy and has some flow, and the song itself has good production. The entire advert as a whole has “so bad, it’s good” quality.

The commercial became a meme on the internet just after Ellen DeGeneres showed the ad on her talk show, and also invited Stephens himself on. From there on out, the advert, or at least Stephens, was almost everywhere. It was referenced/parodied on TV shows like The Cleveland Show, The Office, Reno 911 (complete with Stephens himself), and he even parodied the commercial in other commercials he starred in, like for an advert for Capitol Farmers Market, another local business in Montgomery, and in an ad for the Atlanta Braves baseball team… read more >

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