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Ford Model T Snowmobiles Are Serious Business

To the average person who knows almost nothing about cars, other than there’s a stick to check the coolant level or something, the Ford Model T must be some delicate antique which will crumble like a graham cracker if you were to breathe on it wrong. The truth is, Model Ts are incredibly tough, which is why owners took them off-roading back in the day and do so today. What you might not have known before is owners used to convert them into snowmobiles with tracks in the back and skis in the front, perhaps making them superior to all-wheel-drive cars of today.

The history of these Ford Model T snowmobiles stretches back further than you might expect. It was Virgil D. White, a Ford dealer located in Ossipee, New Hampshire, who dreamt up the idea, which he called the “snowmobile.” Quite literally, nobody had thought of such a thing before, so we have him to thank for an engine-driven vehicle with skis and treads… read more >

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