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Over four decades have passed since Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon was released, and it remains far and away the most successful concept album ever made. It’s 45 million claimed sales dwarf all other contenders as well as later Pink Floyd albums including Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall – which many fans might argue are better concept albums. But the rest of the world does not agree. And it’s not just the sales either (though only four albums have sold more: Thriller, Back In Black, Bat Out Of Hell, and the soundtrack to The Bodyguard). No album has spent longer in the charts than Dark Side Of The Moon. It was in the Billboard chart for nearly 15 years and would be there now if they hadn’t sneakily changed the rules in the late 80s and made it ineligible… read more >

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Wheels of Soul

Wheels of Soul is the only racially mixed 1% outlaw motorcycle club in the world. The predominantly black club must contend with not only the

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