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Funky 1976 Chevy Van Pleasure Palace For Sale!

This funky shaggin’ wagon is currently up for grabs on Facebook Marketplace for $3,500. And when we say funky, this Chevy Van is a lot funky. Somewhere between the diamond tuck covered flares and the extremely well padded interior that had apparently been soaking up the rain through a leaky moon roof, this rig is funked up, but still pretty cool and very recoverable.

Seller’s description: “Selling my award and trophy winning shaggin wagon 1976 chevy van, this van was one of best in show at any and all car shows back then, motor is not running and interior has issues from a leaking moonroof, no rust, 26,000 original miles, has green title, 3,500 $, has a bunch of potential for the right buyer…” Check out the gallery below and the listing here >

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