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Gas Bubble

Andy Wickenheisser is afraid to drive his cars. More accurately, he’s afraid of what might happen when he drives his cars: Too many gawkers not paying attention to their own ride and causing problems when I’m out driving, he says, and it’s a big issue, as I’ve caused quite a few accidents unintentionally. It’s not just this car, it’s all of my rods. No surprise if you’ve seen Wickenheissers’ self-built collection that includes some pretty hairy street freaks. His last creation, a 61 Dodge Pioneer wagon dubbed Bad Gas, is one jacked-up, hellacious ride. His new custom, this dome-top 63 Plymouth Fury, is more of the same, and then some… exactly what we’ve come to expect from the man they call Wick. Gawkers, move over, we want to go for a ride… read more and view the gallery >

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