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Geddy Lee’s Moogerheim

Geddy Lee’s old Moogerheim was a custom mash-up of Oberheim and Minimoog synths. The custom console for the Obie 8-voice and Minimoog was put together by Geddy’s long-time keyboard tech, Tony Geranios, sometime during the 2nd half of 1978. There were two versions of it – the first version had the eight SEM’s built into the console and that’s the one seen in the b/w pic at right (circa 1979). It turned out to be a nightmare however and didn’t work very well, so by 1979 Geranios and a German tech came up with a new version of the synthesizer console system that had the eight SEM’s mounted in a separate case. This is the one seen in the color pic (circa ’80, Permanent Waves tour). They also built an interface so that Geddy could trigger the Oberheim from the Taurus pedals; he could turn off the Taurus and use the pedals to trigger the Oberheim sounds, or keep the Taurus pedals running in combination with the Oberheim. Geddy was later using the interface with the Oberheim OB-Xa and DSX sequencer. I wonder if this old beast still exists in some warehouse somewhere or if it was parted out years ago?

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