Gen 3 Camaro History 1982-1992

The run on Camaro’s third generation dated from 1982 to 1992. The year 1982 dawned with a powerful start. The newly designed third-generation Camaro was named the Motor Trend car of the year. Camaro body styles have changed and evolved over the years, and the third generation was no exception. The Camaro had undergone some major changes. The wheelbase was shorter, and its weight dropped by almost 500 pounds. There were several firsts for the Camaro. The gasoline shortages and inflation of the 1970s had taken their toll on drivers’ patience and wallets. For the fuel economy-minded consumer, the Camaro was finally available with a four-cylinder engine. In 1982, the Camaro was once again pressed into service to pace the Indianapolis 500… read more >

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