George A. Romero’s Martin 4K Restoration

One of the undisputed classics of horror cinema, George A. Romero’s Martin has received a 4K restoration supervised and approved by its original DoP, Michael Gornick, for this Blu-ray release from Second Sight. Like the film’s protagonist, it looks incredibly good for its age, and it’s presented with a suite of extras which will provide hours of pleasure for any fan.

Often, audio commentaries run out of steam after a little while. By contrast, the first two of these, which have also been restored from the archives and feature George Romero himself amongst others, will leave you feeling as if the conversation has been cut off prematurely – but not in a bad way. Romero’s enthusiasm for his subjects never waned, and here he demonstrates an impressive memory for the cast and crew members and even extras who brought Martin to life. Despite his prodigious talent, it was always apparent that part of his success as a filmmaker came down to his interest in people and ability to forge connections, and he’s tremendously entertaining to listen to in experiences enriched by the presence of other great contributors including the film’s star, John Amplas, and special effects master Tom Savini… read more >

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