George and Pattie Harrison in San Francisco during the summer of ’67

Pictured here is George Harrison of the Beatles with his wife Pattie Boyd – the inspiration for the songs “Something,” “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight.” Boyd was at the center of one of rock’s most famous love triangles. She had George Harrison and Eric Clapton in love with her (and ended up marrying Clapton after leaving Harrison). It was during a party hosted by Robert Stigwood that Clapton admitted to Harrison that he was in love with his wife. Harrison was furious and demanded Pattie choose then and there – she went home with her husband of course. Clapton later described himself as “a jealous Lancelot in the Camelot world of The Beatles” He said one evening he and Harrison actually whipped out their guitars and “dueled” for two hours straight. H/T Groovy History >

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