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Ghost Towns of Washington: Seattle’s Fisher Flour Mill

A calendar from 2000 hangs from a wall, scrawled with a chilling message within the former Fisher Flour Mill.

A peek into a Harbor Island landmark built shortly after the turn of the century in Seattle. Once a symbol of industrial expansion in the Pacific Northwest after opening for operation in 1911, the afternoon sun now beats down on the colossal, abandoned beast of the former Fisher Flour Mill, photographed Thursday, June 5, 2014, near 16th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Lander Street on the man-made Harbor Island in Seattle, Wash.

The mill’s opening on June 1, 1911, was coordinated as part of the city’s “Progress and Prosperity Day,” organized by then-Mayor George W. Dilling. Fisher sold the Harbor Island mill and other milling assets to Pendleton Flour Mills in 2001 for $31 million. In 2002, Pendleton stopped milling at the site and announced plans to close the facility and sell it. The following year, the King County Council voted 7-4 to buy the 12.1-acre property. It was sold for $8.5 million, plus $180,000 in site-evaluation costs… read more and view the gallery >

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