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The most popular riding leathers in the ’60s and ’70s were without question from ABC Custom Leathers. ABC was a ‘little old lady’ by the name of Clarice Amberg who had a shop in South Gate, California who made some of the first colorful biker jackets in an era where they were mostly black and riders were near impossible to tell apart. Clarice and her crew created rawhide masterpieces with swatches of leather for thousands of riders and racers from coast to coast, though one of ABC’s most iconic projects is probably Wyatt’s leather jacket from 1969’s Easy Rider. The character’s prominently featured jacket had an armband of red, white, and blue, with an unmissable star-spangled banner appliquéd on the back. Decals of ABC’s famous lips logo could be found on toolboxes, fans, and garage walls just about everywhere you went and even today, they pop up here and there.

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Back in the day before the majority of bikers were just a bunch of RUBs. #bikerlife #chopper #harleydavidson #vintage #oldphotos #bikers ABC Custom Leathers 1965

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