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Gingerbong House

The gingerbread house must be far and away the most useless Christmas food there is. Too pretty to eat, and often way too flavorless to be tempting, the gingerbread house just sits there looking festive—in a Good Housekeeping/Martha Stewart kind of way—until the day after Christmas, when the whole contraption suddenly adopts the vibe of a relic from the Pleistocene Epoch. Destined for the trash, gingerbread houses please no one other than toddlers, who, truth be told, lose interest in them just as fast as the rest of us.

Well, never fear. A group of resourceful YouTubers have come to the rescue of the gingerbread house, and the results are amazing. Throw out your apples and your soda cans and all the other crap you’ve jury-rigged into a makeshift bong or pipe: It’s time to deck the halls… read more >

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