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Girls Who Ride

As a little girl, I would hear stories from people about motorcycles and would even see them in movies. Recently, just about a year ago, I found myself drawn to them even more. Even more to the point where I wanted to own one and ride myself. Motorcycles are expensive and, if you all have read my other articles, I didn’t grow up with a lot of money either. I’m still in college so I must think about school and tuition first before anything else. Anyways, back to motorcycles! They looked so cool but, as a girl, I never wanted to act upon it. Motorcycles looked like something guys would do. If a girl ever tried to ride, it would seem too masculine for her or it would make her masculine. Have you ever had anyone tell you that because you’re a girl, you can’t do anything? Well, they’re wrong and I can prove it to you… read more >

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