Going Postal

The franchise’s name comes from an infamous event where an American postal worker lost his mind and went on a murderous rampage. This event spawned the phrase “going postal.” The first in the series was an isometric shooter simply named “Postal.” In this game you play a character simply known as the postal dude who for unknown reasons (due to the presence of a moving van and police cars, it could be eviction) is going postal and believes the world is out to get him. This game is the only one of its kind that is set in stone, meaning the player isn’t in control of how much violence, since you have to kill a certain amount of characters to advance.

The second, Postal² is what gained the series its notoriety of being over the top and blatantly psychotic. In this game, the player takes control of The Postal Dude Jr. for a five-day week in the mining town of Paradise, Arizona who has a knack for attracting trouble, attention, and bullets. In this game you have the ability to commit lewd acts such as pissing on corpses, complete dismemberment, live cremation, and disembowelment. It has been said that because of this fact the game is tasteless, but the violence is mostly left up to the player. The game does seem to encourage the violence by putting all odds against you and literally having everyone you run into want you dead. … read more >

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