Grand Safguard Glasspack Babes

By the late Sixties, the muscle car market was getting crowded, and it was harder to gain sales with so many players on the go. General Motors offered the most intermediate models and had a few recent pony car entries from 1967. Ford had the pony car market locked up with the Mustang and upscale addition Cougar. The only niche being abandoned was the full size car, as all three manufacturers felt it was a dead player.

Likewise, muscle car parts sales was a packed field. The market was hard, competition was stiff and sales were in danger of going limp. The solution was twofold; bring out more high performance goodies and promote them using babes. Grand Safeguard was adept at both, and today we’ll review some of their Glasspack Gals. Grand Safguard Automotive Products called Chicago, its home on 5310 West 66th Street. They produced glass packs, exhaust tips and related hardware. In 1968, G/S came out with their ScatCat GT glass pack muffler. It was a basic pipe construction with glass fibre batting surrounding a tube with serrated saw marks to allow the gas to flow out into the batting and against the shell. Crude, noisy, effective at relieving back pressure and damn cheap to make. Add a jazzy name, decals and paint it some wild color (Safety Yellow) and you were in business… read more >

Scat Cat Competition Muffler 1970 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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