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Guide to Buying Cheater Slicks

Nostalgia cheater slicks are very popular these days, and we see them on everything from vintage dragsters, hot rods, gassers, and even nostalgic street cars. They do work fairly well on the street, as long as you don’t try to drive on a rainy day. Another important fact to consider is the coolness they possess; It is truly hard to beat their appearance and attitude.

Back in the mid to late 1950s, drag racers needed a tire that was better for traction instead of just a normal tire. The first slick, also known as a slick tire was developed in the early 1950s. It is by many considered to be Alex Xydias of the famed So-Cal Speed Shop that produced the first asphalt slick in 1953. It was a recap with 7 inches of tread. His tires produced roughly four times the traction of a then-standard tire. Inglewood Tire Co. and M&H Tire Co. were two of the first to manufacture dedicated drag slicks. These days, the variety of width and height of a slick is way broader than it was when it all started, and getting the desired traction has become easier… read more >

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