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Hallmark Chevy Ornaments

It is that time of year for families to get together and celebrate the Christmas spirit as we give thanks to one another with gifts and hang the ornaments on the pine tree. Over the years Hallmark has created several kinds of ornaments for every person’s favorite hobby or segment. In the beginning, the Hallmark ornaments were mostly the typical ceramic kind, but over the years Hallmark has grown to more than just ceramic ornaments: by the late ’90s they have expanded with ornaments, some made of plastic and others out of diecast metal, designed for everyone from Star Wars to Barbie. Another area that has improved is the selection of vehicle replica’s; for each year two vehicles are selected to be replicated for this year’s holiday season, and while fire trucks are prevalent they have mostly fallen off the diecast section for more plastic the two vehicles have always and still are made of diecast metal bodies. For 2017 the 1976 Chevy Stepside pickup has been chosen to be the Hallmark car ornament, interesting because last year I found the 2005 edition at an antique store where the 2005 Chevy Silverado SS was the vehicle of choice. With Chevy Trucks celebrating 100 years next year I decided to look at a Then and Now ornament selection… read more >

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