Harvelle’s Roadhouse: Home of the coldest beer in Nebraska

Harvelle’s Roadhouse was a bar that served as a central location in Season 2 of the series. It was originally owned by Bill Harvelle, and later operated by his wife Ellen Harvelle and her daughter, Jo Harvelle, and was a safe haven for hunters of all varieties. It was first seen when Sam and Dean Winchester find a voicemail from Ellen on their fathers – John Winchester – phone, and go investigate the place. When they arrived, they were attacked by Ellen and Jo Harvelle. The bar served as a regular rendezvous for the Winchester brothers, where they picked up cases to work from Ellen and visit with the Harvelles and the other primary resident of the Roadhouse, Ash, who was technologically savvy and helped the Winchesters on a number of jobs when requested… read more >

Harvelle’s Roadhouse 2006 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt



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