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Heathcliff vs. Garfield

I recently posted reviews of America’s favorite orange comic strip cats. In addition to the comic books and wrestling collections, I also have a good size comic strip collection too. These used to be mass market paperback size collections or the long ones that Garfield made the most of and is now up to his 36th or something collection. Maybe higher. I watched both cartoon series in the 1980s and have dipped back in to watch a couple episodes over the years. I always thought Heathcliff was an attempt to copy the incredible merchandising phenomenon that Garfield was in the 80’s. Imagine my surprise to find out Heathcliff came first… read more >

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Beats the shit out of listening to somebody mowing their lawn on Sunday morning… Ansen Equipped 1947 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Pierre Imans

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The most popular riding leathers in the ’60s and ’70s were without question from ABC Custom Leathers. ABC was a ‘little old lady’ by the

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There are several reasons why surfing in the morning is generally a wise and fruitful option. Not only are the wave and wind conditions better,

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