Hollywood Grungesploitation: Singles at 30

Looking back at Singles has me pining for a lot of amazing places around Seattle that have been lost to ‘progress.’ The OK Hotel, RKCNDY, The Off Ramp Cafe, all long gone 😔

September 18th marks 30 years since the film Singles was released. Singles is a 1992 film by Cameron Crowe about the emerging grunge music scene in Seattle. The film now serves as a time capsule with a grand snapshot of Generation X in the most nineties way possible. There are flannels and Doc Martens a plenty, but really it is an ode to the music of the musicians in the film right before they all shot to super stardom.

And for me, a young gal from Northeast Pennsylvania, it served as an introduction to a hip, Northwestern city filled with a rockin’ night-life that I made it my mission to visit someday. The film itself is about a group of single twenty-somethings navigating life in Seattle in 1992. Just a bunch of friends post college trying to figure out their lives. Sound familiar? Well, it should. Cameron Crowe insists that this film was the inspiration for Friends, but the creators vehemently deny it… read more >

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