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Honda ATC70

Although the Honda ATC70 and its siblings in the ATC model family looked almost comically harmless, they were deemed responsible for nearly 7,000 injuries per month, and hundreds of deaths in the United States at the peak of their popularity. By the mid-1980s the US Government was on the verge of banning all three-wheelers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission financed an unprecedented $100 million campaign to purchase all unsold three-wheeled ATVs from dealers’ inventories and have them destroyed. The reason these harmless-looking little bikes were so dangerous becomes apparent as soon as you ride one, particularly when you attempt a turn. Due to the fact they only have one front wheel, the bikes don’t have the stability that quads do, and unlike regular two-wheeled motorcycles you can’t lean a three-wheeler through the corners… read the complete article and see more pics>

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