Hot Wheels Super Van

The Super Van, first issued in 1975 as part of the Flying Colors line, was based on the Chevy Van that was popular in the mid-’70s. In that first year of production, the Super Van was issued with three different paint color tampo variations: Black with Red/Yellow Flame Tampo, Blue with Red/Yellow Flame Tampo, and Plum with the “Motocross” Tampo. The black version was the normal release. The blue version was available only in the “Canyon Cutoff” set and the Motocross version was released in BP albeit with a much shorter production run than the black version. Also in 1975, two variations were made for the Herfy’s Promotion and in 1976 a version for Toys-R-Us was released: Black with orange 62 KGW Radio tampo, Black with orange KING Radio tampo, and White Geoffrey Van… learn more about the Super Van models here >

Flying Colors Motocross Van 1975 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt


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