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How Eight Truckers Took on The Teamsters and US Steel

One group of Teamsters that began as reformers was virtually driven to dual
unionism and secession by the Teamster leadership. The Fraternal
Association of Steel Haulers, or FASH, was formed in 1967 following a long
and violent strike. Steel haulers, most of whom were owner-operators, had
particular problems that the Teamsters union had ignored for years.

Although the union negotiated their wages, it refused to negotiate the fee
the owner-operators were paid for the lease of their tractors and trailers.
Consequently, their wages had gone up but their total income had not
increased much or had even declined. In addition, drivers were often
detained at the steel mills waiting to be unloaded for hours or even days,
and they wanted to be paid detention pay for the lost time. The union had
neglected this issue as well… read more >

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